Shima Jimenez

Account Manager

Shima Jimenez was born and raised on the island of Curacao. She went on to complete her studies in the US at Miami Dade College where she got her AA degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. Later on she received her Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Master’s degree in Marketing at Florida International University. As a part of this specialization she focuses on Social Media Marketing. While studying, she began to take an interest in managing local talent and community start ups. Shima’s affinity for public relations began within her inner social circle, which then expanded to a wider community network. She gained valuable experience by taking on different accounts for companies and public figures such as Decoded, Ray Lauffer, Chris Kross, Curacao Baseball Week, and beauty and wellness accounts, to name a few.

Currently, Shima is the Public Relations and Marketing Advisor and Coordinator of Fortuna, who has in turn accumulated over 30,000 members within just 3 months. As the PR and Marketing Advisor, she has the role of organizing milestone events such as the company launch; developing marketing strategies; keeping track of the company agenda and making sure objectives are met; maintaining company image and updating digital content; as well as facilitating communication between stakeholders and the public. Aside from the position at Fortuna, Shima is also a Content Manager for The Lab Curacao, which is a digital marketing agency in Curacao. The position entails managing various Social Media accounts for distinguished companies in Curacao. This is where social media specialization and creativity come into play.

March 28

Santa Barbara Beach Resort - Curaçao